Download Beta


0.5.0 is currently unreleased. Please only try it if you have nothing to lose!

This is the download page for 0.5.0. Precompiled builds are currently still a work in progress, please tell me any issues you have in the issue tracker or the mailing list.

See the changelog for this version.

Fedora Linux

Fedora packages are available from my COPR. In your preferred terminal emulator, enable the repository:

$ dnf copr enable redstrate/personal

Astra 0.5.0 uses KDE Frameworks 6, and it is not packaged yet in a stable Fedora version. There is a KDE 6 COPR maintained by the Fedora KDE SIG team, which you must install before Astra.

Then you can install Astra like any other package:

$ dnf install astra

Arch Linux

An Arch Linux package is available on the AUR but requires you to figure out how to get KDE Frameworks 6 packages installed on your system.

Gentoo Linux

A Gentoo package is available in my personal overlay and instructions on how to use it are located on it’s site. In order to install the package you must source the required KDE Frameworks 6 packages yourself, I suggest using my KF6 overlay.


A Flatpak is currently unavailable right now. Sorry!

Source Code

A complete source tarball is available, which is generated via sourcehut CI on every commit. This includes every vendored dependency as well, which is useful for distribution packaging.