Astra - Installation

The current version is 0.4.1. These precompiled builds are currently still a work in progress, please tell me any issues you have in the tracker or my mailing list .

Note: Windows and macOS users currently have to check for updates manually. You can tell which version you have by reading it in the About menu under Help. I hope to remedy this in the next major release.


SHA256: e283e6f65abe3546942d17ba240300edc96e2bcb51bf29790b6779be2a5ba7aa


Note: The app is signed and the developer should read as “Joshua Goins”.


I’m only providing a Flatpak for now. Unfortunately it’s not on Flathub yet, but I’ve created a repository specifically for xiv.zone applications:

You can install it through your preferred GUI Flatpak manager, using the link below or by searching:

Or by the command-line if you prefer:

flatpak install xiv.zone.Astra

A benefit of Flatpak is that it works across most distributions, and I’m able to control the repository so you’ll get any updates without any hassle.

If you’re an Arch Linux user, I also maintain the AUR package. You can find the PKGBUILD here and the original Flatpak manifests here.

Source Code


SHA256: c25e84180485639989bb0bbd073b5a52412f45e0c36884963a1a7a3a136266f2