The stable version currently is 0.5.1. You can report issues either on GitHub or if you prefer then contact me via e-mail.

See the changelog for this version.



The Flatpak repository only has 0.6.0 currently, which is not released yet. While it may work, be aware it may still be buggy.

There is a Flatpak repository available, which is the preferred method to use Astra. You can open the file below if you use GNOME Software or Plasma Discover:

If you prefer using the CLI, use the command below:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists xiv.zone https://flatpak.xiv.zone/xivzone.flatpakrepo


I also maintain an RPM which you can find in my personal COPR. After adding my COPR, run dnf:

dnf install astra


I maintain an ebuild which you can find in my personal overlay. After adding the overlay, run emerge:

emerge astra

Arch Linux

I maintain the AUR package. For example, using aurutils:

aur sync astra-launcher

Source Code

If you don’t see your preferred distribution listed, it’s always possible to build it manually. Please refer to the build instructions for more help.

SHA256: 9c882e43cf9e1ddc919345ec889bc9328430e4f97430c6673886bf317e28fc64

Size: ~11 MB