• Small clothes top now looks better, but it’s not completely free of artifacts yet.
  • Added Isle Explorer’s shirt.

Better Butts:

  • The subligar override from the last update made it into VARC by mistake.
  • Small clothes bottom is now fixed.
  • Added gear list to the website.


  • Neo-ishgardian top of aiming should now be completely fixed and free of holes.
  • Hard leather harness is now changed.
  • Added weight painting changes for Panthean robe of healing.
  • Changed Street Jacket a little bit more.

Better Butts:

  • Hard leather subligar is now changed.


  • Reverted changes to the rainbow coatee, ended up causing more problems so I left it alone.
  • Added changes for the new streetwear top.

Better Butts:

  • Added changes for the new streetwear bottoms.


  • Fixed issue when neo-ishgardian top of aiming

There was a shape key used when equipping certain hand armor, and it was causing deformation. This should be looking better now.

  • Removed some hidden folders

I accidentally uploaded a bunch of .DS_Store files, they’re removed now!

Better Butts:

  • Velveteen bottoms are now fixed, in some cases parts of the model were missing.


Initial release.